Friday, September 21, 2012

Fashion Icon Sewalong: The Gold Dust Dress

As I mentioned in my inspiration post, when I read about the PRP Fashion Icon challenge, I knew exactly who I wanted to do. Tori Amos is not just an amazingly talented creative force, she has an awesome style as well-- by turns refined and rebellious, feminine and fierce, ethereal and edgy. I channeled her look into a Little Girl Tori dress, one that played off her love of prints and sheers with a seventies-retro twist.

I was also inspired by the lyrics of one of her songs, Gold Dust.
How did it go so fast?
We'll say when we are looking back
And then we'll understand....we held gold dust in our hands.

My daughters are growing up so fast, and sewing lovely little things for them is one way I can celebrate it because these gold-dust days aren't going to be forever.

This dress was the product of many a misadventure. I couldn't decide on the right silhouette for the dress. I used materials I don't normally work with-- sheers and sequins among other things-- and I drafted everything. Even the sleeves. Despite all the drama (and the hundreds of sequins that ended up all over the dining room floor) I like how it came out. I especially love how it picks up the gold tones in my daughter's hair. Though my next project is going to be in something simple and fuss-free. Cotton anyone?

She even tested it out on the swings, because no self-respecting three year old will wear a dress you can't swing in. 

She said it itched so I will need to go back and add extra lining at the neck and sleeve edges. That's the price one pays for sequins. 

....and she's off again.

Check out the Project Run and Play blog to sew what the real contestants created this week. There is some beautiful stuff, including a Kate Middleton inspired ensemble and an adorable Jackie-O baby girl look I can already see my littlest girl rocking for Christmas.


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