Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Project Run and Play Sewalong: The Fashion Icon

I am excited, as usual, to see the start of a new cycle of Project Run and Play and I am very excited about this week's sew-along. The challenge is to make an outfit based on one of our favorite fashion icons.

I knew, instantly, I had to do Tori.
Tori Amos is not only an insanely talented musician but she's got a fashion sense that I love. She doesn't play by the rules of female musicians (in that she keeps most of her clothes on) and she doesn't lock herself into one type of look. She'll go vintage-satire. She'll go sequins. She'll go for structure. She'll do leather. After browsing way too many Tori pictures (listening to her music) I finally pinpointed the three elements of her look I wanted to use as inspiration for this challenge: drama, sparkle, and sheer layers.

Tori is not afraid of prints and she loves dramatic shapes and silhouettes

She loves layers of sheers and kimono-inspired gowns with flowing sleeves, especially in concert

She's not afraid of sparkle and shine

I am very excited to sew a little girl version of her style and I can't wait to see what other fashion icons are reinterpreted this week.

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Nathan said...

Her fashion sense is definitely refreshing.