Thursday, April 11, 2013

Country Summer (Project Run and Play Sewalong)

I have been mostly cheerleading for this cycle of Project Run and Play but this week's theme was too good to pass up. The challenge was to create an outfit that focused on one main detail or technique, and I knew instantly I wanted to paint. I had never attempted "real" fabric painting before, so it was a great chance to cross something off my sewing bucket list.

I was inspired by a magazine of "country prim" decorating ideas I found at Wal-mart. I have always loved country-theme stencils, both for their charm and corniness, so when I found a vintage rose stencil at Michaels I knew it was meant to be.

I decided (for once) to completely ditch prints for simple, bold solids. I chose muslin for the main fabric, to emphasize the painting, and since Kona cotton was on sale I scored a lovely apple green to give the look a kick. My first thought was to do a circle skirt with a stenciled print but Tiny Girl sabotaged that idea when I had to take a phone call and forgot she could reach the table now. Since "graffiti country" was not the look I wanted, I had to come up with a second concept. One that took into the account that a good amount of my precious fabric pens had been used up in now-useless fabric.

I was out of inspiration until the day the heat came. 
Just in case we have readers in the north, Southern heat waves are neither genteel nor refined. Here in Virginia they lay in wait and jump out, teeth bared, so that you barely have time to blink before it's 90 degrees at three p.m. In the second week of April. I still had Tiny Girl's winter clothing out. She ran around most of the day in a pair of her big sister's bloomers and a t-shirt. I wanted her to wear something light, airy, and simple. Hence my second idea.

I chose a very simple top so that nothing would distract from the painting. I even skipped out on the ruffles. (Gasp!)  I used what was left of the fabric pen to stencil three large roses on the front. The muslin was very, very soft after washing. I think I'm going to go back and buy more for the older girls.

I used the apple-green Kona to make a very billowy, airy pair of bloomers. I liked how they gave some vibrance to the outfit and also added a modern color to the nostalgia of the flowers. 

I kept the back simple and unadorned because everything on this look was about those flowers. I could just see them on a bookcase in the house in the country that we left behind.

This was Tiny Girl's "pretty pose". She liked her outfit very much and kept trying to pooch out her belly to see the flowers better.

Like so.
This was a great outfit to make, because scribbling on fabric with paint seems slightly forbidden (and therefore great fun) and because I enjoyed sewing something simple. After all the ruffling I did on the Easter dresses, this was like sitting on the porch sipping an iced tea. 

Thanks again to the lovely and talented ladies at Project Run and Play for coming up with such great themes. It's always fun to sew along.


Shaffer Sisters said...

Very fun and good idea on the painting. She is so adorable! Great work!
with love,

Ashley P said...

Cute! I love the flower :)

Angela said...

Very cute! I love how large the flowers are.

Karen said...

Thanks guys :)

sallyavena said...

Love the details and the simple colors! Great job!