Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Garden Fairytale

We first saw the movie Epic this summer and the girls instantly had their Halloween costumes. My oldest fell in love with the flower queen's gown, my fierce middle girl wanted to be a leaf warrior, and tiny girl didn't so much care as long as she got candy. 

I said yes.
And then wondered what I'd agreed to. Armor....petaled ballgowns....oh my.

But after the glue gun blisters healed and the last stitch was sewn, I had to admit I really loved their ideas for this year. I think they are my favorite costumes so far.

Queen Tara and her lovely gown

The skirt is a ballgown-length circle skirt and train made of a thrifted sheet and a roll of white satin. 

The satin I found at a garage sale over a year ago and couldn't think of a use for it until now. I cut semi-circular panels for the petals and glued them in place (since it was the day before Halloween and I had no time for hand sewing). 

The shirt is a little-girl version of Queen Tara's top, essentially a green knit tshirt with more satin petals. She can wear it through the rest of the winter as a pajama top. The skirt will go into the dress up box. 

My middle girl wanted to be a Leaf Woman, which is a warrior of this sort: 

The leaf warrior costume was an adventure for me because I had never made  armor before. I did a faux-leather corset breastplate for my fierce girl last Halloween but that was it. The first thing I made was a duct tape dress form of my girl's top half so I could more easily model the armor. It made the whole process a lot easier and I'll be keeping the form for future projects.

After I had a paper pattern, I cut it into foam plates, I painted them with two different greens to get the exact color I wanted. The embellishment is a gold Sharpie. To mold the curves for the arm and leg pieces, I held the foam over a burner until it was pliable then molded it around the dress form. Once it cooled, it kept its shape. Who knew?

  The tunic and leggings are green panne velvet and will be great for pajamas this fall (though they may end up as play clothes because she doesn't want to take them off). It was hard to get a picture of her because she could barely stand still....too many villains to battle.

The movie features a talking snail and slug-- Mub and Grub. 

They're cute but not what I wanted for Piper. Since the movie is filled with other garden and flower people, I decided that she'd be a rainbow snail girl. 

 Her shirt and leggings are brown panne velvet. The snail shell is brown corduroy and the spiral dots are made from rainbow batik (which I've been dying to use)

The shell is also a fully functional backpack so we can use it for other things later. She does love her "pack packs" as she calls them.


 Last year she was too young to really understand much about trick or treating but this year she's ready to go. Is there some sort of fairy charm to keep your baby from growing up? Probably not.

Happy Halloween!

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