Thursday, September 10, 2015

Ten After-School Promises

Ten promises I can make to my girls when they come home from school:

  1. I'll listen to your day before I make you unpack your lunchbox

  2. There will sometimes be cookies. Not always. But often enough.

  3. When you tear all the toys off your shelf and make a blanket fort, I will do my best to remember that you've been trying your best to listen and learn all day. And that it kept you quiet so your older sister could do her math. Okay, relatively quiet.

  4. When you cry over playground injustices, I'll try to do more hugging than talking. 

  5. Yes, you've got homework but I'll make time for bike rides and walks with Grandma and Lucy The Wonder-Chihuahua. And yes, you can have ten minutes to read that book.

  6. I am your study sidekick. Daring in the face of division....stoic in the face of spelling.... glib even while checking grammar. By the end of the year maybe you'll have learned enough to appreciate my awesome alliterative abilities. 

  7. We'll say no to things when you need a family night.

  8. When I speak without love and lead without grace, I will ask your forgiveness.

  9. When bedtime comes, I will be exhausted. You will be much that you'll forget you're tired and try to do acrobatics from the top of the bunk bed. But we'll pray and sing and snuggle and the last thing I'll say before I shut the door is that I love you more than all the stars in the sky.
  10. I will always mean it. 

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