Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Garden Full of Dresses

Yes, it's been quiet.
Too quiet.

But spring is here and I can't shut up any longer. The daffodils are blooming, my belly is blooming, and the little girls in my house are blooming. Winter hibernation is over and so here I am, posting again.

Since my gardening aspirations have been thwarted by my growing baby bump (I so do not want to be pulling weeds at eight months in July heat), I have decided to turn my sewing and knitting in a floral direction. Bold blossom prints; delicate petal-colored layers of chiffon; lacy shrugs and sweaters. All celebrating the season and all without a single weed to pull! Once I dig out the trusty camera, hopefully there will be pictures, but for now, here's what is in the works:

The Great Easter Dress Project is underway, with the first stage being practice dresses. Loved One and I are attending a wedding shower this Saturday (her first) and it's a perfect time to test my dress design on sturdy cottons. I found a juicy green and blue flower print at Wal-Mart of all places so that's on the sewing table for tonight. The two designs in the running for Easter are.... drumroll...

The Party Dress by Cottage Mama and The Twirly Dress by Sew Sweet Patterns

I think it's going to come down to whether or not I want a circle skirt or a gathered skirt. Loved One and Little One will each get a test dress so I can pick the best design and hopefully get any tweaks out of the way before I cut into the heavenly chiffon I found at DreamSpunKids. I haven't even got the courage to cut the practice chiffon yet, much less the real thing.

On the knitting needles are a few different versions of a tiny shrug to keep their shoulders warm. The Shizknit offers a cute (and free!) bolero that I'm in the process of tweaking for a lighter, more airy look. I also have cast on the Leafy Shrug by Stitchy Mama, though between the provisional cast on, the double pointed needles, and the eight row repeat lace I am unsure whether or not the late-night knitting is addling my brain.

Once I unearth the camera, there will be actual pictures of progress towards Easter cuteness and the mishaps along the way.

Happy Spring!


Anonymous said...

Cute dresses, Karen; and hopefully there will be NO mishaps along the way.

Ed of Chesapeake said...

6 months and finally a post! Where have you been, Karen? Miss you at writer's group, too. I hope to see you there in April!

karen_m said...

Let's just say I'm glad I only have been using practice fabric so far.

And yes, Ed, I'm posting again. Rub it in, go ahead.