Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Zucchini + Cheese = Bliss

It's 6:30. I'm pregnant and starving. I have dishes, laundry, the dining room and the living room to tidy up before we hit evening meltdown hour. Once upon a time this would have meant one of three things-- processed carbs, fast food, or zap-and-eat.
Not tonight, thanks to Kalyn's Kitchen.

Her recipe for broiled cheesy zucchini is my new go-to food for healthy, quick, crave-worthy munching. I've had this craving for zucchini lately so I finally bought one (rather timidly) at the grocery this morning and wasn't entirely sure what to do with it. Her user-friendly recipe took me less than ten minutes and even a zucchini novice such as myself couldn't mess it up. Loved One, who seems to be more picky by the day, turned her nose up but Little One devoured it. Seriously, I thought I'd have to fight her off with my fork if I wanted to get any myself.

One other thing I appreciated about the recipe was how easy it was to switch out ingredients for whatever I found in the fridge while still getting a good result.

Since I am depressingly low on seasoning I brushed the zucchini rounds with a bit of fat-free Italian dressing before adding the cheese, which I also switched to Italian. It would be even healthier with fat-free cheese, but even with the full-fat cheese, one whole broiled zucchini only cost me 150 calories. Whoo-hoo!

This will be appearing at my house weekly until my next weird pregnancy craving takes over.

Check the recipe out here and make some for yourself!


Anonymous said...

That sounds yummy, karen. I've marinated zucchini wedges in Ital. dressing and broiled them before...adding cheese would be delectable!

Charity Activist said...

Poor Loved One. Guess she'll have to get used to it. :-)