I found yet another article today about a woman who thinks she knows how to liberate the rest of us.
Here is the link, if you'd like to read it for yourself: http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/brave-new-world-uk-ethicist-wants-women-to-abandon-motherhood-use-artificia
Most of the time, I restrain my urge to argue back at people with her worldview, as I know they will never be convinced. But sometimes I find something so blatant in its woman-hatred, so perverse in its claims to be feminist, that I have to respond. Out of protest. Out of dissidence. Out of everything I am as a woman. Here is my open letter to Dr. Anna Smajdor.

Dear Dr. Smajdor--

Perhaps you are being provacative. Perhaps you want the press.
Perhaps you are sincere. Perhaps you genuinely want to help women and think you've hit upon a solution that will lift us all up from the muck and mud of gender slavery. Perhaps you think you are a feminist heroine.

Unquestionably, you are wrong.
And, while we're at it, quite misogynistic.

Carrying a child for nine months is not, as you have implied, a case of the measles.
The environment God created for my child within my womb cannot be replaced by a plastic shell, no matter how much techno-wizardry is involved. But that's not really what I find so awry in your view of women.

Your vision of equality is frightening-- a sexless, joyless, repressive world in which everything that separates us from masculinity is stripped away. Your basic premise is that being male is better than being female. You speak of the “dis-benefits” of being a woman, of the “burdens” of bearing children. You hold masculine physiological and social function as higher than the female counterpart. In your words,

Pregnancy is a condition that causes pain and suffering, and that affects only women. The fact that men do not have to go through pregnancy to have a genetically related child, whereas women do, is a natural inequality,

Of course gender difference-- what you call inequality-- is natural. Because perfect equality would be terrifying. Like the tyrant of mythology who would cut off the legs or stretch the bodies of those hapless enough to find themselves in his perfectly equal bed, you would torture the nature of human beings until we all resembled one another.

Let's say we dove head-long into your brave new world. Let's say we gave up having babies. What would be the next step to equality? Should we hollow ourselves, scrape clean our insides, removing the unwanted and unnecessary organs of reproduction? Eggs can be harvested and stored, so why keep the useless byproducts of yesterday's womanhood. Should we cut off our breasts, so that men cannot sexualize us, judging us on reproductive appeal rather than intellectual or social value? Should we mutilate our genitals to further remove any unwanted sexual domination? Would we be masculine enough for your “equality?”

It is the so-called inequalities of masculinity and femininity that give balance to the human race. Men are good at some things. Women are good at some things. Just because some men abuse their power, or because some women associate nurturing with weakness does not mean we should seek to abandon our very natures. That only makes the ugly worse.

If you want to abandon child-bearing, go ahead. But don't tell me you are doing it to make me more of a woman. Don't tell me you are advocating my rights. I am a woman. I bear children. I birth children. I nurse children. I raise children. I can do a heck of lot of other things too, many of which men can do, but child-bearing is mine as a woman. It is my birth right, my blessing, and yes, my burden. Because nothing in life that is truly worth it comes without pain and suffering. Not babies, not marriage, not love, not change, not beauty, not freedom, not faith, not anything good under the sun. Each baby I have carried, birthed, and held has only deepened my sense of human worth, not diminished. it. I will not give birth up to any man, to any social program, to any agenda.

Before you try to liberate me, liberate yourself. Before you go seeking to empower yourself at such great cost, become aware of the power you already have. You don't need masculinity. You could have femininity. Trust me, that's enough.