Thursday, March 8, 2012

Project Run and Play Audition: The Everywhere Ensemble

At 10:30 Tuesday night, I found out about the Project Run and Play open auditions. I am a huge fan, so I knew I had to give it a try. Also, I was crazy. 40 hours to design, draft, sew, photograph, and post a whole new outfit? With three girls running around, one of which is an (adorable) six-month old mama-octopus?

I would need coffee, a handful of Dora videos, and my baby wraps.

After a two-day design sprint-- which I loved-- I am done. ::catches breath::

The outfit was designed for Small Girl, my two year old middle daughter whose nickname would be better Fierce Girl

As in "Where The Wild Things Are" fierce, not Christian Siriano fierce
 Though she can be sweet....especially when promised a Slurpee for modeling.

 I wanted to design her an ensemble to kick off her spring wardrobe-- something versatile enough for our various adventures, something free-spirited and carefree and just a little romantic. 

The Bloomers
were the main inspiration, as they are the closest Small Girl can get to being naked all the time, which would be her preference. (But then what would I sew?) When I was growing up, we wore bloomers under everything-- handmade by a friend of my mothers who sewed all our summer clothes. I am carrying on the tradition with my little ladies.

I raided my stash for some super-cute owl-print duck canvas, which would be sturdy enough for all the exploring (and the potty-training) that is in our future as the days warm up. I think I am going to make more in this fabric, as I can envision it holding steady through bike rides and beach trips and potty accidents.
Though we have very warm springs here by the beach, there are also days when the wind has a little nip to it, just enough for a little something on the shoulders. 

The Shrug

I drafted the pattern using as my guide a half-finished bodice I found in my fabric stash, and added ruffles to the sleeves. My stash raiding came up with the blue eyelet lace and some vintage trim which I will rave about in greater detail later. One of my favorite things about this version of the outfit was the view from the back: 

Where are the sand toys? I am ready for the beach!

But as much as we love carefree clothes around here, there are times when you have to put on a dress. I wanted to keep it simple and sweet. Small Girl wanted princess. Our compromise was a basic sundress that had a gathered skirt with a ribbon drawstring to show off the bloomers.

The Dress

Slightly more proper playtime. Only slightly. 

I used a brown paisley that had some peachy undertones which worked well with the owls. That fabric had been in my stash for years-- before Small Girl was even alive-- waiting for The Perfect Use.
This dress was it.
The outfit is casual enough for play but dressy enough for church, especially when you add the shrug again. 

She is now transformed from a shirtless wild girl to a proper lady, all ready to go out with her mama. 

We're going to get balloons and a Slurpee since she's been a trooper through all the "try it on again now hold still so I can photograph you" nonsense. 

I love the look of the whole ensemble but the bloomers are still my favorite part

Here is a view of the back. With balloons.

And some balloon related silliness, because who can resist, really? I can't. 

She liked the way the world looked through the pink one the best.

At play (or war?) in tug of balloon with the wind

Running is happier with balloons chasing you. 

Okay mom, enough pictures. 

Then the dress up fun was done and she wanted to go home and nap.
That's my girl. 

Design Details
My goal for this look was to make a versatile spring outfit that was girly yet adventurous. I am very satisfied with the results but there are a couple things in particular really love. Before I even knew I was making this project, my fabric fairy godmother (the same lady who used to sew my bloomers) gave me a whole bag of vintage trim, which included the lovely teal trim you see.

I couldn't get enough of how it looked against the other fabrics, which explains why I about drove myself nuts binding just about everything. 

Pictured here: insanity for the sake of vintage crafty cuteness. 

  I also loved the ruffle sleeves on the shrug. 

But my favorite design detail would have to be the bloomer-showin' cinch.
It adds a bit of practicality to the skirt but also it's just darn cute.

It's such an easy and satisfying effect that I definitely will use it again.

Making this outfit was so much fun and pushed me in new directions. I have more vintage trim from the Fabric Fairy Godmother so who knows what's next?
Thank you Project Run and Play for giving us the chance to audition!


Sew Country Chick said...

My daughter and yours should be friends! This is so creative and adorable! I hope you will stop by SewCountry Chick and post it on Sew&Telll Saturday!

Simple Simon & Co said...

SO cute! I can't believe you made all of that in such a short amount of time. You are awesome.

Thank you so much for entering Project Run and Play. We are excited to see what you make next and hope that you will continue to sew along with us.
--Simple Simon and Co.