Thursday, April 19, 2012

Project Run and Play Sewalong: Sportswear

This week's challenge at Project Run and Play was Sportswear.
I was very inspired by the old fashioned idea of sportswear, especially the use of linen. I wanted to make something in homage to that without doing an exact recreation. My three goals for this challenge were.....

  • showcase linen
  • choose colors outside my normal comfort zone for girls
  • embroider!

Confession: I wanted to make an awesomely retro boys outfit inspired by Ned Land of Disney's classic Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea. I imagined a fitted striped tee with grey linen shorts suitable embellished with sea monsters. 

I do not have a boy. I could have borrowed one, but he wasn't available for fittings and I was a bit crazy to tackle sewing boys clothes without any patterns. (Also I blame cold medication). Needless to say, the grey linen shorts were a failure. Sorry Ned!

I did, however, salvage the wreck and made this....

It's a simple little romper for Tiny Girl to wear out and about now that we've already had our first wave of 90 degree weather. In April. Gotta love the south. I used the failed shorts as the body then added elastic straps and a generous helping of ruffles. And embroidered flowers.


I also made a headscarf from some gorgeous yellow and white strip knit I found at The Fabric Fairy. of many escape attempts.....

This was a fun project. I've never done a romper before since I hate snaps but since the straps were elastic this baby is easy-peasy to get on and off. (Which to me is kind of the point of sportswear, or kids clothes in general) My favorite part was the embroidery, which I hadn't done for years. I used to stitch while I manned the phones at my pre-baby job because it made me nicer to customers. I could tolerate much more complaining if my hands were busy with bright, beautiful thread. That was my gateway drug to the whole crafting world. I also think handwork gives mama-made clothes a little something extra. I can look at my three happy flowers and think of the beautiful afternoon I embroidered on the porch with my two year old blowing bubbles and my five year old running all over the yard.

 As always, there are many other cute and create sewalong projects on the Run and Play Flickr Group. I can't wait till Friday when we see what the Actual Contestants have been sewing.
Update: I have had a couple requests for a how-to so I decided to take the plunge, even though I've never done a tutorial before. You can find the tutorial here

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