Thursday, April 12, 2012

Project Run and Play Sewalong: Circle Skirt Remix

Project Run and Play has started! Hooray!
Even though I didn't make the cut to compete officially, I'm excited about the sew-alongs. They offer a chance to stretch my creativity and learn new sewing skills and who can argue with that?

This week's challenge was a remix of the Circle Skirt Tutorial over at made.
I can't wait to see what the contestants have come up with, and what I've seen from the sew-alongers isn't too shabby either. I decided to go opposite my instincts and do something that was neither super-twirly or super-ruffly. Big Girl has been needing new play items, so I decided to do a half-circle play skirt. The inspiration came from some beautiful, ultra-drapey red and cream dot knit fabric I scored from a thrift store t-shirt. The Run and Play refashioning challenge isn't for a couple weeks yet but these days I've been a bit obsessed with thrift-store fabric repurposing. Where else can I get awesomely cute polka dot fabric for $1?

This week is Big Girl's spring break so we haven't had time for much sewing or much luck convincing her to stand in one spot for pictures. I managed to grab a couple this afternoon.

 This was a quick sew, especially since I chose to leave the knit edge on the bottom unfinished as part of the whole climb-trees-fight-pirates aesthetic that goes into her playclothes. I have no doubt I will make her at least one or two more of these, probably in stripes. And possible one in patchwork panels. This pattern is every bit as addicting as the tutorial warns us. 

To check out the other fantastic circle skirt remixes, head over to the Run and Play Flickr group and don't forget to check in tomorrow for the contestants' designs.

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