Monday, December 3, 2012

A Little Holiday, A Little Handmade


I have almost come to dread the phrase "handmade holiday". It speaks of some other alternate universe in which Ever Single Thing about Christmas in ones household is beautiful, handcrafted, and perfect. The ornaments. The Advent calendar. The nativity scene. Every gift thoughtfully, lovingly, flawlessly created....and all wrapped and under the tree by December 1st. Instead of lawn ornaments. there's a chorus of Victorian-era carolers on hire. They sing perfect four-part acapella and bring their own hot chocolate.

But, when I'm not freaking out over Visions of Unattainable Perfection, I do really love the idea of adding small handmade touches to the Christmas season.  And I love the idea of getting together with friends to share those handmade touches. Which is why, in a moment of rare bravery or not so rare insanity, I'm having a party.

I refuse to call it that, really. "Party" is serious. Throwing a party is something that was probably covered by a college course back in the 1950s. Handmade gift swap get-together" takes up more words but is so much more humble and friendly. So I am hosting a handmade gift swap get-together which should, in theory, be simple. A huge pot of chili, a group of friends, and cute little handmade or semi-hand made gifts. This way each of us can enjoy a bit of handcrafted goodness in our holiday but we each only have to make one gift. Even I, despite my procrastination and general phobia of trying new crafts, can manage to come up with one handmade gift. I think.

I promised everyone (two weeks ago) that I'd put up some easy gift ideas to get our collective creative juices flowing. And here, fashionably late, is that list, culled (where else) from my favorite Pinterest boards. Sorry that I don't have pictures to accompany them but I have dishes to do.

Yarn Wreath

Tinted Mason Jars

Fat Quarter Clutch

Scrapbook Paper Envelopes

Banana Bread Jars

Tea Towel Wrapped Bread

Lemon and Thyme Salt Scrub

Scrapbook Paper Coasters

Apron In A Jar

Custom Candle Covers

Embellishment Assortment

Jersey Knit Lace Trim Scarf

And one more link, to a roundup of fabulous and frugal handmade gifts...

25 Gifts Under $5

Happy crafting to all and I'll see you at the not-party.

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