Thursday, December 6, 2012

Simple and True

The open auditions for Project Run and Play are here again and I really, truly, was going to sit this one out. I have Christmas photo dresses to make and Christmas skirts to sew and a banner for the window and random little girl gifts. I have to whip up some hardcore winter pajamas for our upcoming trek to Maine.

But....there was this fabric. Two fabrics, really. Winter blue with big white polka dots and a yummy vintage tone floral print with more polka dots. I had eyed that fabric every since I saw it in the remnant bin a few weeks ago. It called to me. I loved the warm tones of the reds, yellows, and oranges against the softer blue background. I loved the tiny polka dots mixed with the big polka dots. and as luck would have it, I had to return some corduroy. Which meant store credit!  That fabric was mine and, of course, I immediately ditched all Christmas sewing to play with it. I love how the two fabric has winter tones-- the white polka dots and icy blue-- but also warm summer colors. Almost like something you wear in the wet, rainy cold while thinking of the sun.

I wanted to sew a simple but cozy little outfit so my baby could keep up the cuteness in the Frosty Northern Wasteland. And since she's going to be held and cuddled within an inch of her life by all the relatives we haven't seen for way too long, why not put her in fleece? She'll be even more teddy-bear like :)

I frankenpatterned a simple A-line dress and some basic leggings to match. The body of the dress I drafted using an existing jumper as a model, and the sleeves I took from one of the many random patterns cluttering my craft area. While I was sewing, I kept hearing Jewel's "Simple and True" playing in the back of my head, so I finally looked it up on Youtube. Even though it's a song about a woman and her man, part of it very much reminds me of my littlest girl.

How soon spring comes, how soon spring forgets
I want to hold back time, say it will never begin.
Old Man Winter be our friend
The more I live, the more I know
what's simple is true
I love you.

 Because I've procrastinated, my photos are terrible due to it being dark when I took the outside photos. My camera doesn't do too well with inside lighting either, but we muddled through. I am very happy with the outfit because it is exactly what I love to sew. Things that are simple. True. And loved.

 By the Christmas tree....and sitting still for about the only time in the photo shoot.

On the porch, with terrible flash lighting. This shows the whole outfit best but does not do justice to the color. The reds and yellows are much softer.

And my favorite....

I wish I had better photos but that's what you get for deciding at noon that you are going to sew an outfit and photograph it by evening. 

There lots of cute designs up on the Project Run and Play audition linky so stop by and get inspired!


Emily said...

very cute! It looks so snuggly too! I just came over from run and play to check out my competition! :o)

Simple Simon & Co said...

It looks so cozy!!!! Lovely!

Karen said...

Thanks :) Cozy and snuggly was definitely one of the goals.