Saturday, February 23, 2013

Half-Homemade Mama

Let's get one thing straight: as much I love pinning recipes for cute cupcakes, yummy cookies and endless varieties of chocolate things, I am a bit of a slacker. Like today, when I really wanted to bake something for the girls but have spent the day scaling a mountain of backed up laundry (okay, totally my fault there) and am short on Baking Fairy Magic. I did, however, have a Funfetti Cake Mix. A boxed cake mix. Every time you mention those words, a Real Baking Mom breaks out in hives. (Sorry)

But, thanks still to Pinterest and the slacker-friendly folks at Pillsbury, I found this awesome recipe for Funfetti Cookies. I had never made cookies from a cake mix before, so I followed the (simple) recipe with a mix of eagerness and apprehension. The last time I tried to make cookies with River we went through two batches of strange tasting half-burned bits of almost cookie before I gave up and bought her an icecream from McDonalds. (Bad Mommy!)

But these cookies were amazing. I'm not taking much credit for said amazement. My job was to stir the mix and watch the edges of the cookies like an OCD hawk so I could snatch them out the second they crisped golden brown. Also, I misread the oven temperature and cooked them most of the way on 350 rather than 375. That could have been the secret to their success. They came out fluffy, chewy, soft, and generally heavenly. Especially when you add icing and sprinkles.

The girls got to decorate the cookies themselves and chowed down on their handiwork while they finished Secret of the Wings.
Homemade is great.

Half-homemade, especially on a Saturday when all I've seemed to do is wash and fold and pick up semi-smushed things from the floor, is also pretty darn good.

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