Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Little Old Fashioned (Signature Style)

Since Christmas, I have taken it slow on sewing, and I decided to sit out most of the current cycle of Project Run and Play. There's been some fabulous clothing posted, as always. It's been nice to focus on enjoying everyone's creativity but I did want to try to do something for the last week. My signature style is probably best defined by its lack of definition. I am eclectic, distracted, and a bit random.

But I have another confession: I am old-fashioned. While I admire the utter coolness of many of the sewing mamas I follow, my sewing is completely not cool. Not trendy. If anything, it's inspired (more than I want to admit) by the almost-country Virginia suburbs of my childhood, by nostalgia for poofy peach dresses and gingham folk arty design aesthetic. By sleeveless summer dresses and jumpers and sunhats. I find myself, more and more, creating clothes that remind me of what it felt like to be young and running through pine trees and tall grass. There's just no fighting it.

When a friend gave me a bag of jeans to cut up for refashioning, I knew I wanted to make my baby girl a jumper of her own. I wanted hand-stitched details. And ruffles. And rainbows. Here's what came off the sewing table:

 It is not a fancy dress but it's bright and cheery and can stand up to all the playing and running after big sisters that fills Baby Girl's day.

 Picking flowers for Mommy (okay, picking grass and thinking its a flower)

A back view

Stand still for a picture? I think not

The hand stitching (and indulgence in nostalgia) came from the teddy bears I
embroidered on the bodice. The simple shape reminds me of the country bears I saw in craft magazines growing up.

No you can't really see details here but Baby Girl is being cute.

I also wanted ruffles. If there is anything consistent about my style, it's that I love a good ruffle. And I love rainbow color schemes (having long since given up on a single favorite color). The bright colors just pop against the dark denim.

I took this project one tiny step at a time, which I found quite a relaxing change from my normal sew-until-midnight frenzy. I don't mind continuing the trend. Fewer projects, more mindfulness in the making. 

It's been another inspiring season of Project Run and Play. I'm happy to sew along.


The Nelson Family said...

What a fun dress! I love the rainbow ruffle! Great job! :D

Karen said...

Thanks :) There are very few reasons /not/ to ruffle, lol.

Charity said...

How cute! I love the hand-stitching on the denim, and those rainbow ruffles are too fun. =)

Karen said...

Rainbows and ruffles and hand-stitched goodness! What a charming dress! Bright and cheerful and something for me to remember.

Olga (Kid Approved) said...

The dress is lovely! I love the emboridered detail and the multicolored ruffle. There is nothing wrong in being old fashioned. :) Classics always look good. :)

Ajaire said...

I love how bright colors just pop against denim! And your bears are a perfect updated nod to the country bears. (whether you realized it was an update or not hehe) Old fashioned it great!

Karen said...

Thanks guys....both for taking the time to visit and for leaving such kind comments. Y'all make me smile. :)