Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Is In The Air

Big Girl and Small Girl spend their evenings splashing in puddles....I've got sundresses on the brain and Easter fabric on the cutting table....the jogging stroller has been dust off and loaded in the back of the van....the azaleas are due any day.  I felt like changing the look of the blog a bit and was inspired by one of my favorite parts of spring-- the rain. I've been humming a little song the girls and I sing each time it rains.

Rain Song
to the tune of Rain, Rain Go Away 
but friendlier

Rain, rain, come and play
at my house
play all day.

Give the flowers lots to drink
Help the birdies wash their feet
Make the farmer's crops to grow

A gift from God who loves me so.

 Yay for spring!

1 comment:

Nathan said...

I like your new rendition of that song. It's a much happier way to look at things.