Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Heart Summer Sewing....Do You?

Spring is newly sprung. The Easter fabric is yet uncut. Why, oh why, am I obsessed with summer sewing already? Hey, it's already hit 90 here in the sunny south, the mosquitoes are beginning their gentle song (little monsters), and Big Girl is complaining she has nothing to wear. Visions of sundresses and beach bloomers are dancing in my head. Ocean blues! Citrus yellows and oranges! Picnic greens and reds! Eyelets and gauze and batiks...


It makes a girl choke up.

But sewing is only half the fun. I crave community as much as I do craftiness, so I'm looking for fellow sun-lovin' sewists to play with me. We'll do simple. We'll do cute. We may even do practical. This would be a great way for mamas new to sewing to get their feet wet, or for fully addicted craftistas to share their tricks for the perfect summer wardrobe.

More details to come soon! In the mean time, leave a comment if you want to join in!

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Nathan said...

"Craftistas"? That's a new one.